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Hyaprof Balance is a monophasic hyaluronic acid dermal filler designed to repair facial extent and diminishing mild to deep wrinkles. This filler is in particular best to do away with deep scars, smokers’ strains, deep strains among the nostril and the edges of the mouth, frowning strains in addition to restoring lip and facial extent. Hyaprof Balance has the particular homes of being a very durable, balanced, rheological, ratio and herbal filler. Use Hyaprof Balance in a mixture with Hyaprof Soft for an powerful and ideal end result. Buy different Hyaprof merchandise here The percent is composed of: 2 x 1,zero ml syringe 22 mg/mL natural hyaluronic acid Benefits of Hyaprof Balance: Restores misplaced extent Diminish wrinkles, deep strains and scars Enhance lip extent 100% Vegan solution Areas: Nasolabial wrinkles, glabellar line, marionette folds,lip contouring How lengthy does the end result final for? Results with Hyaprof Balance is on the spot and might last as long as 12 months. THE ORIGIN OF THIS PRODUCT IS FROM THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (EC)



BIOSCIENCE BioScience is a German own circle of relatives owned enterprise from 2006 that produces clinical gadgets primarily based totally on hyaluronic acid. BioScience develops modern injectable implants for remedies of various clinical disciplines and is widely known for his or her first aesthetic variety known as Hyacorp. Their purpose is to offer the ultra-modern and most secure technology to make certain the most secure answers for his or her patients. BioScience is a identified enterprise the usage of best uncooked substances from professional producers and is nowadays one of the world’s main vendors of hyaluronic acid gels. Read extra approximately Hyacorp from BioScience here.



BioScience is a German family owned company from 2006 that produces medical devices based on hyaluronic acid. BioScience develops innovative injectable implants for treatments of different medical disciplines and is well known for their first aesthetic range called Hyacorp. Their aim is to provide the latest and safest technologies to ensure the safest solutions for their patients. BioScience is a recognized company using only raw materials from expert manufacturers and is today one of the world’s leading providers of hyaluronic acid gels. Read more about Hyacorp from BioScience here.


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