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Monovisc is a unmarried injection viscosupplement perfect for remedy of the joint ache due to osteoarthritis. In instances of osteoarthritis, the quantity of herbal hyaluronan is decreased and the best can be poorer than normal, which reasons infection and inflammation, ache and stiffness withinside the joints. Monovisc is a gel substance that includes the most dose of HA (88mg). The product provides HA to the joint whilst injected, in which it acts as a lubricant and ache reliever. Monovisc is given in a shot (injection) at once into the knee joint. Buy different Monovisc merchandise here The % includes: 1 Syringe x 4ml consistent with % Composition of the product: Partially cross-related sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA) 88 mg Hyaluronan 36 mg Sodium Chloride Benefits of Monovisc 4ml: Single injection remedy Immediate ache remedy How lengthy does the end result ultimate for? Monovisc can offer up to six months of ache remedy. The effects may also range individually, a few humans sense remedy right away after their injection. THE ORIGIN OF THIS PRODUCT IS FROM THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (EC)


ANIKA THERAPEUTICS Anika Therapeutics is a international clinical tech organisation that gives wound healing, ache control and tissue regeneration. They broaden progressive clinical answers in an effort to assist sufferers stay lively in a secure and herbal way. Anika Therapeutics is a manufactory that distributes a extensive variety of hyaluronic acid (HA) merchandise specialised in healing applications. HA is a herbal factor of the frame this is essential to wholesome tissue function. The emblem most effective collaborates with enterprise leaders that supply the most up-to-date healing and superior healthcare.



Anika Therapeutics is a global medical tech company that offers wound healing, pain management and tissue regeneration. They develop innovative medical solutions in order to help patients remain active in a safe and natural way. Anika Therapeutics is a manufactory that distributes a wide range of hyaluronic acid (HA) products specialized in therapeutic applications. HA is a natural component of the body that is vital to healthy tissue function. The brand only collaborates with industry leaders that deliver the newest therapeutic and advanced healthcare.


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