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DESCRIPTION Restylane® Vital SB Lidocaine is designed mainly for greater mature or sun-broken pores and skin. Use Restylane® Vital to deal with the subsequent areas: Face, lips, hands, neck and décolletage. In general, Restylane® Skinboosters are designed to enhance the pores and skin‘s best via way of means of boosting pores and skin hydration and growing its smoothness, elasticity and firmness. Contains lidocaine, a effective anaesthetic, for a greater snug injection. Buy different Restylane merchandise here The % is composed of: 1 x 1ml syringe three x needles 20 mg/ml hyaluronic acid three mg/ml Lidocaine Benefits of Restylane® Vital SB Lidocaine: Deep pores and skin hydration Improve pores and skin best Rejuvenate mature pores and skin How lengthy does the end result ultimate for? The encouraged remedy path is of three or greater injections, every one administered each four weeks. The consequences typically last as long as nine months relying at the people way of life and age. THE ORIGIN OF THIS PRODUCT IS FROM THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (EC)


GALDERMA PRODUCTS Galderma is a international dermatology agency partnering with healthcare specialists to offer revolutionary scientific answers to sufferers with pores and skin fitness needs. The Restylane splendor line gives an answer for a huge variety of traces surfacing throughout the face, whether or not they may be fear traces, glabella traces, perioral traces and lots of greater. Many Restylane merchandise comprise lidocaine to behave as an anaesthetic- the ache unfastened solution. Furthermore, Galderma gives the particular PLLC collagen stimulator, Sculptra, that’s designed to sell collagen manufacturing and repair the pores and skin’s internal shape and volume.



Galderma is a global dermatology company partnering with healthcare professionals to provide innovative medical solutions to patients with skin health needs. The Restylane beauty line offers a solution for a wide range of lines surfacing across the face, whether they are worry lines, glabella lines, perioral lines and many more. Many Restylane products contain lidocaine to act as an anaesthetic- the pain free solution. Furthermore, Galderma offers the unique PLLC collagen stimulator, Sculptra, which is designed to promote collagen production and restore the skin’s inner structure and volume.


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