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Revofil Plus is a tender contact dermal filler especially designed for filling deep facial wrinkles and contours for the harmonization of quantity, lip contouring and enhancing herbal elasticity of the pores and skin. Revofil Plus must be injected into goal areas, which incorporates the forehead, nostril zone, marionette strains, lips, cheeks, and jaw. The filler will immediately make you seem more youthful with none surgical treatments. Buy different Revofil fillers here The percent includes: 1 x 1ml syringe 1 x 27G ½” Needle The composition of Revofil Plus: 23 mg/ml Hyaluronic Acid Oligopeptide-seventy two Oligopeptide-50 Revofil Plus has a unique method together with biometric peptides and cross-connected hyaluronic acid that offers a extra herbal and lengthy-lasting end result than different hyaluronic acid primarily based totally fillers. Furthermore, Revofil Plus includes Oligopeptide-seventy two that inhibits the degradation of hyaluronic acid to make certain a fair filler absorption over time. Oligopeptide-50 which has anti inflammatory houses and will increase collagen and hyaluronic acid withinside the pores and skin. Benefits of Revofil Plus: Increase elasticity and filling deep wrinkles Harmonization of quantity and lip contouring Areas: Forehead, nostril area, cheeks, jaw, marionette strains and lips. Injection depth: Mid to Deep epidermis Application: The dermal filler must be injected withinside the mid to deep epidermis for max results. How lengthy does the end result remaining for? Revofil Plus can last as long as 365 days on average. The length relies upon at the person patient’s pores and skin kind and kind of injection. THE ORIGIN OF THIS PRODUCT IS FROM THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY (EC)



CAREGEN Caregen become hooked up in 2001 in Korea. Caregen is a worldwide chief of studies and advertising of Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors. Caregen are recognised for his or her dedication to innovation and technology, which offers them aggressive advantage. Caregen is a dynamic, revolutionary and R&D primarily based totally pores and skin biology organization. Caregen has a clean vision “To be a worldwide main organization of boom elements and biomimetic peptides for cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals.”




Caregen was established in 2001 in Korea. Caregen is a global leader of research and marketing of Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors. Caregen are known for their commitment to innovation and technology, which gives them competitive advantage. Caregen is a dynamic, progressive and R&D based skin biology company. Caregen has a clear vision “To be a global leading company of growth factors and biomimetic peptides for cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals.”


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